We will be looking for collaborators on our project on gender and labour in the upcoming year, some of which will be graphic or illustrative longform nonfiction work. Head to our website links for more on the project ‘No Space For Work’. Please note that there is no deadline for this call as such. You can send us your portfolios and we’ll reach out if/when there’s a collaboration that fits your style! Also kindly note, that we will not be responding to individual emails unless there is a specific graphic/illustrative work opportunity for you. You can send your portfolio to!

Since 2003, the Zubaan trust has housed various projects that support women’s movements and feminist research.

Body of Evidence & Stepping Stones: Engaging with Youth in South Asia

Sister projects that aim to take forward the findings of the SVI Project through participatory media to create the social space for open, transformational dialogues with youth on understanding structures of violence.

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Fragrance of Peace: Preserving and sharing histories and memories of Northeast India

Broadening the scope of research and literary work in the Northeastern states of India by strengthening existing networks, building new partnerships, and faciliating cultural exchange.

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Through Her Lens

Through Her Lens is a visual research programme which aims to expand photographic practices of women, queer and marginalised identities in the eight Northeast Indian states and Darjeeling Hills.

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Poster Women

A visual mapping of the many women's movements in India, plotted through posters and other visual materials produced by women and women's groups.

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A Gendered Focus on the Pandemic, Lockdown and Beyond

Responses and resources to the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown and continuing effects on women, queer, trans and other marginalised identities.

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Cultures of Peace: Festival of the Northeast

Cultures of Peace aims to diversify mainstream conversation and knowledge production about the Northeast region of India by bringing together regionally relevant literature, art, photography, food, dance, etc., and making connections between cultures and peoples through these alternative avenues.

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No Space For Work: Political economy and challenges to women’s labour participation, safety and autonomy

This project seeks to understand how women navigate the world of paid economic work against the backdrop of unpaid and devalued work, and how their social identities (based on caste, class, region, ethnicity, sexuality, etc.) influence these relationships.

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