The Zubaan-Sasakawa Peace Foundation Grants for Young Researchers from the Northeast

2021-22 Grantee Announcement


We received an excellent response to our call for applications this year, and while we were pleased to see the interest among young researchers, this also made our task of choosing grantees much more difficult. However, we were lucky to have the support of a strong and informed jury, and this final selection is the result of their evaluation of the proposals. We’re delighted to announce that the following candidates have been selected for the grant:

  1. Stuti Mamen Lowang
  2. Brishbhanu Baruah
  3. Pranami Rajbangshi
  4. Rachel Issac
  5. Rimpi Borah
  6. Sikha Das
  7. Sneha Roy
  8. Swati Baruah
  9. Nayani Sarma and Juri Baruah
  10. Kinriwiliu Ringkangmai
  11. Lamneihoi Vaiphei
  12. Monica Kanga
  13. Sophia Lisam
  14. Jerry Lucius Pyrtuh
  15. Florence Laldinpuii
  16. Hannah Lalhlanpuii
  17. Lalchhanhimi Bungsut
  18. Kamongla Longkumer
  19. Kekhriesituo Yaotsu
  20. Anisha Debbarman
  21. Sanjana Chhetri
  22. Anisa Bhutia
  23. Sagareeka Pradhan
  24. Ranu Kunwar
  25. Chingkheinganbi Mayengbam and Ankita Goswami


We’d especially like to thank all applicants for the effort and thought that they put into their proposals. We hope that you will continue to engage with Zubaan’s work, and keep an eye out for future grants or other opportunities from us; and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours.

UPDATE (10/09/2021): An earlier version of this list contained the name of two other researchers who have since given up the grant due to personal reasons. Taking this into account, this is the final list of grantees.