Zubaan is excited to announce its association partnership with Durga for their upcoming virtual forum, NGAGE 2021 which focuses on deterrence of sexual harassment in public spaces.

Based in Bangalore, Durga is a citizen-sector organization, working since 2013 with the ultimate vision of creating gender equal spaces in India, deterrence of sexual harassment, and ensuring women’s safety. Next Gen Advocates for Gender Equity (NGAGE) by Durga is the first & largest of its kind virtual forum aimed at dissecting Gender Inequity. The forum serves as a thought-provoking platform for young citizens to understand that they can bring about great changes while they engage in meaningful conversations and make conscious efforts to bridge gender gaps.

This year, NGAGE 2021 is being held from December 10-12 and the forum will focus on Sexual Harassment Deterrence in Public Spaces. The forum will include 40 distinguished speakers from India and across the globe who are working towards creating safer spaces for all. The three day event being held online via zoom, is open for everyone!

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