August has been a great month for us!

In the first week of the month, 5 performances on sexual violence and impunity were held in Shillong under the Stepping Stones and Body of Evidence projects. The performances were an extension of the group’s first performance at the Guwahati Open Studio held in June. The performances also touched upon oppression, stereotypes, and the process of confronting memories of sexual violence and trauma.

Last month, we announced the grantees of the Zubaan-Sasakawa Peace Foundation grants for young researchers from the northeast (2019-2020). In August, a writing workshop was held for them in Guwahati. Through the grant process and methodology workshops, we endeavour to provide academic and structural support to the grantees.

We also continued our State Impunity series on Instagram, where we posted extracts from one of the books in our volumes on Sexual Violence and Impunity–Fault Lines of History: The India Papers II. The chapters, The chapters, written by Sahba Husain, Guneet Ahuja and Parijata Bhardwaj, looked at how militarisation and state impunity in Kashmir and Chhattisgarh has created an atmosphere of repression and violence. 

We interspersed the posting of the extracts with content from our Poster Women Archive, which serves a visual mapping of the women’s movement in India through the posters and visuals the movement has produced. The posters we used on Instagram addressed state impunity in particular, but if you want to access the whole archive, make sure you visit the Poster Women website!

We also hit a follower milestone of 800 followers! We sincerely appreciate all the love and support we’re getting.