The Zubaan-Sasakawa Peace Foundation Grants for Young Researchers from the Northeast, 2018-19


The Zubaan-Sasakawa Peace Foundation Grants for Young Researchers from the Northeast support independent research by making available small grants to those working in the fields of humanities and social sciences. In the 2018-19 grant cycle, the selected essays focus on the broader framework of women’s multiple histories and gender in the Northeast.

We invite you to read, share and comment on these essays, which reflect the range and variety of subjects that preoccupy young researchers and writers from the region. 



01. Why Insurgent Groups in Manipur Kill Rape Accused by Makepeace Sitlhou (2018-19)

02. The Stories of the Red Coat by Ronnie Nido (2018-19)

03. Nations, Communities and Queer Lives by Ditilekha Sharma (2018-19)

04. Visual Cultures of Assam by Shaheen Salma Ahmed (2018-19)

05. Women’s Action in the Mizo National Front Movement (1966-1987) by Mary Vanlalthanpuii (2018-2019)

06. Aita’s Pakghor: Voices and Narratives from the Kitchen by Rituparna Choudhury and Prerana Choudhury (2018-2019)

07. How Women Remember War: Unearthing Memories of the Second World War in Manipur by Leisangthem Gitarani Devi (2018-2019

08. My Grandmother: Exhibit A by Ayangbe Mannen and Leki Thungon (2018-19)

09. Crossing Borders and Singing About Erotic Desires in Bhawaiyaa Folk Music by Rini Barman (2018-19)

10. The Consequences of Sustained Disparities: Gender Politics in Nagaland by Ilito H. Achumi (2018-19)

11. The Story of the Muun by Alyen Foning (2018-19)

12. The After Effects of Witch-Hunting: Trauma, Struggle and Revolution by Hrishita Rajbangshi (2018-19)

13. Naga Women’s Perspectives on Gender Roles: An Analysis of Literary Narratives by I Watitula Longkumer (2018-19)

14. She Who Walks With Feet Facing Backwards and Laughs in the Wilderness: Ao Naga Narratives of Aonglemla by Talilula Longchar (2018-19)

15. Beyond the Veil of Weaving Exoticism: Lost Debates of Unequal Gender Roles from the Mishmi Hills by Tilu Linggi (2018-19

16. Working-Class Generations: A Gendered Family History by Jobeth Ann Warjri (2018-19).

17. Looking at Nuns in Tibetan Buddhism Through a Gendered Lens by Sonam Choden (2018-19).

18. Tracing the Continuities of Violence in Bodoland by Rishav Kumar Thakur (2018-19)

19. Revisiting the Past and Unveiling the Gendered Legacy: History and Representation of Women in Neo-Vaishnavism in Assam by Simashree Bora (2018-19)

20. Unheard Voices Behind the Concrete Walls: The Plight of Women Migrant Construction Workers in Assam by Bonya Baruah (2018-19)