Job Opportunities at Zubaan (NGO/Charitable Trust)



[Find a PDF version of this call here.]

Registered in 2003, Zubaan is a charitable trust based in Delhi. It follows in the footsteps of its parent NGO, Kali for Women, and has been an active participant, chronicler and publisher of the women’s movement since 1984. It works to increase the body of knowledge on women with a special focus on South Asia and India.


Zubaan has often brought forward the voices of marginalized communities through its publishing work, focusing on women, queer and trans experiences and in the recent past, has also shifted its focus to research and action work. With prior work chronicling the women’s movement through Poster Women, Zubaan is also currently engaged in working on multiple projects focusing on cultural and knowledge production, partnering and collaborating with women’s unions, collectives, grassroots activists, etc. across the region. Details of ongoing projects are available here.


Zubaan is an equal opportunity employer and is attentive to issues of social exclusion of groups and individuals. It is our constant endeavour to address this in both the content we produce and our hiring policies. 


Position: Projects Associate (Outreach & Communications)


Procedure:  Please note that this call for applications reserves staff positions for women, trans and non-binary people from minority religious communities. Applications from persons outside of these communities will not be considered.


Please send your resume and a 500-word cover letter, detailing your fitness for the role as well as your interest in working at Zubaan, to ​​ by July 17, 2020. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted further. Please put “Application for Projects Associate (Outreach & Communications)” in the subject line, and ensure that your application mentions which minority community you are a part of.


Location: Anywhere in India, with some travel required for project activities to Delhi (when safe)
Date of joining: August 2020
Duration: Full time, 1 year contracted position
Job description: Managing Zubaan’s online (social media channels) and offline (dissemination, output, events, etc.) media programme as well as outreach programme to further collaborations with partners, organizations, etc. The selected candidate will have to coordinate with their counterpart at Zubaan Publishers, our sister organization, for a streamlined social media presence.


Essential requirements:
— One year’s experience in an outreach and communications position  (similar position)— Some experience with/knowledge of the feminist and women’s NGOs network in India.

— Familiarity and experience with management of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Mailchimp/other newsletter softwares)
— Some experience with design softwares (Adobe InDesign/PhotoShop), web-based design platforms (Canva) and WordPress

— Bachelor’s degree
— Excellent written and spoken English; good spoken Hindi/other Indian language


Job responsibilities:

  1. Overall management and maintenance of the Zubaan trust’s social media channels and creating content for the same from Zubaan’s project activities in the areas of gender, labour, violence, cultural and knowledge production support for marginalized communities, etc. Find out more about our projects here.
  2. Outreach for collaborations with organizations, collectives, individuals working on similar project themes/issues
  3. Engaging with audience, participants and partners in ensuring visibility of project work, research and outputs. 
  4. Designing social media and online campaigns to further these engagements
  5. Curating and updating content on the Zubaan Projects website in coordination with the overall projects team
  6. Coordination and planning with projects team for monthly social media calendar and outreach planning
  7. Participating in team meetings and collaborative tasks

Compensation & other job details:

  • 35,000 per month (TDS applicable) 
  • Free lunch at the office in Delhi
  • Medical insurance
  • Moderately flexible work hours