Writing is For Everybody: A Mentored Workshop Final Participants Announcement



We received an overwhelming response to our call for applications for the Writing is For Everybody mentored workshop to be conducted as part of our Fragrance of Peace project. The applicants were young budding writers who explored their writing for the first time with several promising ideas. We thank you for the effort and thought you put into your applications— this made selecting the final participants challenging for us. 

However, we were lucky to have the help of a strong and informed jury, and this final selection is the result of their evaluation of the writing samples. We’re delighted to announce that the following applicants have been selected for the Workshop:


  1. Aashima Prasad
  2. Anaum Pandit
  3. Khairunnisa Aga
  4. Taskeen Nazir


  1. Daphisha Makri
  2. Kesang Thakur
  3. Rodingpuii
  4. Rumuz
  5. Shizuku
  6. Stuti Mamen

Congratulations— we look forward to your participation in the Workshop! It is curated by Ather Zia and Parismita Singh, with our speakers for fiction, Mamang Dai and Annie Zaidi and Sangeeta Barooah Pisharoty, and Asiya Zahoor being speakers for non-fiction.

We thank all applicants once again and wish you the best of luck and hope you will continue engaging with Zubaan’s work and keep an eye out for future workshops and other opportunities from us.