In India, and indeed South Asia there is a huge distance that continues to separate incidents of sexual violence from access to justice for the survivor/victims. It’s critical that we have a loud conversation on the impunity that shields the perpetrators of this violence from facing consequences — often perpetrators are protected by virtue of the office they hold such as in cases of army, State or Panchayat sanctioned violence. Other times ‘small everyday violences’ in caste-society build up to larger massacres such as in case of Khairlanji.

Zubaan’s Sexual Violence and Impunity (SVI) Project commissioned 55 research papers on recent histories of sexual violence in South Asia resulting in our SVI series of books. To take these findings into public discussion and advocacy, two projects — Body of Evidence and Stepping Stones — transform them into theatre and slam-poetry through script-workshops and performances at universities, law and medical colleges across India and Nepal. You can read more about the SVI Project here.

Through #ExitImpunity, our social media project under BoE and SS, we’re chronicling the performances and holding conversations across our social media channels. We explore together what exactly impunity is, how it plays out in the medical and legal systems, and how we uphold it in our everyday lives.

To engage this audience we envision a Collective Feminist Project: An Alphabet of Violence and Resistance in India and Nepal. Illustrated by artists across India and Nepal, focusing on impunity through various lenses and lived realities of Dalit, queer, northeastern, Kashmiri artists, etc., this series hopes to continue these conversations in the times to come.

You can view the English alphabets here.


You can view the Nepali alphabets here.

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